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I wrote these articles for What’s Brewing, the Boyd Coffee Company newsletter, which I wrote, edited, and desktop-published for about four years. Most names and other proper nouns have been changed to preserve the privacy of the individuals and any information the company might consider proprietary. While some of the most interesting articles might have revealed proprietary information, the following selection otherwise shows the breadth of strategic communication contained in the newsletters. 

Critical News (...and how to use it)

The Big Chill in Brazil

Employee Promotion

Doug Hart: Premier Portland Rep Promoted


Izzy Furial Promoted to DM

Employee Recognition/News

Champion of Breakfasts


Workers Plan to Improve Profitability

Event Promotion

Wild West Fest and Boat Ride


Bob Dykeman Immortalized in Drummond, Montana

Human Interest

Greg Dell Helps Firefighters

Industry News (with an explanation of price increases)

Growing with Dynamic Coffee Prices

Industry News/Background Information

Green Bean Buying in Trying Times

Marketing/Sales Stimulation

Heat Treatment

Airpot Market

New Product Introductions

Island Mist Iced Tea: Better Than Paradise

Boyds Bold Blend for Coffee Connoisseur’s

Product Education/Sales Training

Wrap Iced Tea Sales


FDA Says MSG is GRAS (O.K.)

Sales Success

Adventures on the Mississippi

Sales Support

You, Too, Can Succeed with Italia D’oro Syrups


Automated Warehouse System Coming

Concept Marketing

Goodbye Chianti; Hello Cappuccino


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