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John Henshell external communications work sample, marketing campaign


Boyd Coffee Company planned to introduce new coffee packaging in 1992. A previous introduction of new packaging caused major customer relations problems. Our customer service department was flooded with phone calls from customers who believed their reps left the wrong coffee. Management wanted to make sure that the new packaging transition would be problem-free.

I worked with management to create the communications tools that provided for a smooth transition. I came up with a theme, "new on the outside, even fresher on the inside," and a slogan, "you've got the right stuff.” The slogan was simple, easy to understand, and played on the recently popular movie, "The Right Stuff." As most of our accounts were restaurants, we needed to make sure that the message reached everyone from business owners to accounts payable clerks to waitresses.

The materials I produced included a flyer that was put into every case of coffee, a mailer sent to all coffee customers, a statement stuffer, copy for an "on-hold" message, newsletter articles to prepare our sales force in the field, and copy for our customer service representatives. As preventive damage control, I met with the customer service department to prepare the reps for possible customer concerns and appropriate responses.

White was the dominant color of our old packaging. Yellow was the primary color of our new packaging with expensive-to-produce gold-on-black trim. Frankly, it was an unattractive yellow ochre shade, but the marketing manager responsible for the design had read that yellow is the most recognized color in advertising. In spite of that, I decided that the message would be communicated most effectively by having our educational materials aesthetically match the packaging.

A couple of the materials I created are shown here. Depending on your monitor, you may not be able to see the gold lettering in the background of the flyer. The outside of the flyer says, "new on the outside.” When you open it up, you see, “even fresher on the inside." The back page was mostly white with our logo, return address, and space for a mailing label.



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