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John Henshell external (customer) communication work sample


To our valued customer:

Thank you for purchasing Boyds whole bean gourmet coffee. We sincerely appreciate your business, and look forward to your continued business.

Boyds whole bean gourmet coffee has been available for retail sale at Safeway supermarkets in Oregon and southwest Washington for the past eight years, and has been recognized as the finest quality whole bean coffee available. Although our wholesale pricing has remained consistent for many years, Safeway has made the decision to switch to another roaster at this time.

If you would like to express your concerns to Safeway, you may:


fill out a Safeway customer comment card (available at check-out stands),

call Safeway at (503) 656-1461, or

write to Tom Keller, Safeway Division Manager, or Bridget Flanagan, Public Affairs Director (the address is P.O. Box 523, Clackamas, OR 97015).

Boyds whole bean gourmet coffee continues to be available at the Boyds Coffee Stores, all Kienows stores (a dozen locations in the Portland area); Zupan’s Food Pavilion in West Linn and Battleground, Washington; and Food Val-U in southeast Portland. Boyds gourmet coffee is available by the cup at many fine restaurants throughout the West.

We are very pleased that you care enough about the quality of your coffee to have called us. A coupon is enclosed to express our thanks.



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