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Designated Hitter Improves Overall Quality of Game

This is the original (unedited) version of an article published by The Oregonian 9/7/86.

Three Strikes and You’re Out?

This article was submitted to Baseball Weekly, but not published, during the last baseball work stoppage. It is dated, but the ideas are still valid. From 4/14/95.

Keep ‘Em Out?

An interactive presentation about what disqualifies players for the Hall-of-Fame made to PNW SABR (the Pacific Northwest chapter of The Society for American Baseball Research) 2/20/00. Part 1 is the participative portion of the presentation; it also functions as a trivia quiz. If you wish to participate, you’ll need to print the page and circle your answers. Sorry, I don’t have time to make it interactive online. If you wish to test your knowledge, write down the name of the player you think is being described in each choice. Answers, PNW SABR member votes, and explanation shown are in Part 2. Part 3 is my essay, which contains theories and philosophy for baseball writers and scholars. You can find out what I really think.

If you did not participate in the original vote, but would enjoy having your vote counted, please e-mail your numbered votes to me. I trust that you will vote before confirming which players are being described. When I receive enough additional votes, I will post the results. A larger sample would be more interesting.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Baseball Statistics

This is a visual version of a presentation I made to PNW SABR 2/21/04. The introduction explains the roots and purpose of this ongoing project. My book contains several research essays that are part of this project, but I have labeled the mini-studies for this presentation as Parts 1-3. 


Part 1. Ballpark Adjustment Formulas

Part 2. Steroid Era Home Runs

Part 3. OPS or OOPS?

Why Performance-Enhancing Drugs Used by Ballplayers Should Matter to You

Solving the Clutch Dilemma

Preseason Predictions

I have published my pre-season baseball predictions for about 30 years, and distributed them to friends and acquaintances who would be interested. As the 2000 races race to a conclusion, my predictions look good. Four of the teams I picked to win their divisions are in first place, including the Giants and Cardinals, who were picked by few commercial publications. Unless the Internet starts requiring 33˘ hostage stamps, this will be the home of my future predictions.


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