About My Work

I can recommend marketing and communication strategies, and create or mold your written communications in ways that will motivate your customers or employees. As your consultant or employee, I can handle these areas of responsibility for you:

Strategic Oral and Written Communication

communicate your mission and vision to internal and external customers; translate business strategy and information into meaningful messages so employees understand your direction and goals and their role in contributing to those goals

develop, write, edit, and produce materials; write press releases; create Internet content

generate buy-in and enhance employee morale

facilitate communication, build consensus when necessary to communicate a message; interact with diverse groups and constituencies in conflict

translate complex, technical information into easily-understandable marketing content

communicate to internal and external constituencies in response to a crisis

use humor as a business strategy

appear in front of groups on your behalf

provide consistent messages in all materials

support marketing and sales efforts


manage design, content, production, and strategic direction of all corporate communication vehicles and programs, including management of vendors

anticipate potential problems and determine solutions

evaluate communication and respond to concerns

select, supervise, train, and evaluate staff

contribute to a team

create and adhere to budget

evaluate ethics of communication


People often ask about my style. I generally keep my personal style out of my professional work. You will see that the samples on this site have a high degree of technical accuracy and sometimes reveal my sense of humor, but otherwise do not exhibit any single style. I adapt my style to my employer and the project.

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