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I wrote hundreds of how-to articles for several Web sites. Most were about technology. Many can still be found online and in the book, "How to Do (Just About) Everything." While some are useful and representative of my abilities, many were constrained by the rigid and abridged formats required by clients. Published versions often suffered from grammatical or technical errors made by editors. These original (unedited) versions of how-to articles typify the best of what could be done within those formats. However, these articles are old and only a few are still relevant. Please do not consider them to be current advice.

How to Buy a Printer Cable

How to Decide Whether to Purchase a “New Technology” Product

How to Improve the Sound of Your Stereo System for Less than $100

How to Choose a Form Factor for a New Computer

How to Decide Whether to Purchase a New Type of Consumer Electronics Product

How to Improve AM Reception

How to Understand New Computer Pricing


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