My book about the 2001 Seattle Mariners was scheduled to be published by McFarland & Company in fall of 2002. It is not currently in print. Watch this space for publication and ordering information.

The Mariners tied a 95-year-old major league record by winning 116 games. The team had lost three big-name superstars since July 1998, and most experts predicted they would finish in third place in their own division. My book details and analyzes how the Mariners baffled the experts, sabermetricians, and their opponents.

The core of the book is a daily diary of the season that shows how they won and lost, and why. I employed extensive research to provide accurate game accounts, background information, coverage of current controversies, sabermetric analysis, humor, and opinion. Each close game is revealed as an unfolding drama. The first chapter establishes the framework and context with a brief history of the teamís first 24 years. The second chapter provides an additional preview of the players and other characters who played a role in what happened. Collectively, the chapters reveal the history of the 2001 Mariners.




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