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Radio and Audio Production

WOMB, Franconia, NH 1974-1976

I managed this college radio station and did all the production work. When possible, I used the voices of talented members of our staff. I won't claim that this material has endured a test of time, nor deny that some of it is sophomoric, but I'm pleased to present it as examples of my creative and production skills. 

The tapes used to create these audio files got damaged in a variety of ways, including normal aging, but the most common glitches were caused by someone accidentally putting the tape deck into record mode and erasing valuable work. 

laid back jazz promo

tongue-in-cheek promotion for several jazz programs

Dr. Sock (Tim Brown) promo

brief glitch at the beginning

Waiting for Godot #2

featuring the above-mentioned Tim Brown

get down promo

This is a promotion for my own program and probably an outtake. The missing words where you hear the glitch are "let it get you down."

Hell Fire intro (Radio Free Franconia)

the brief introduction for the program was intended to grab the listener's attention

a cappella sign-on

the brief glitch does not interfere with intelligibility

a cappella sign-off

this is very noisy, but only 36 seconds and not as dry as it appears

Old Man ID

The Old Man of the Mountain is a natural tourist attraction in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. "Love it" was a station slogan. I don't remember why. This is my favorite piece. 

laid back ID

the sound quality is poor; you may need to turn up your speakers for intelligibility

Milk & Honey commercial

The noise was caused by 3 3/4 IPS (slow) recording speed. At one time when we didn't have a working tape deck, I had to perform this live several times a day. 

Rock On ID

again, we pause for station identification

Radio Theater and Other Humor

Stranger in the House

I turned this Ogden Nash short story into a radio play. I recorded versions with three casts. This version, recorded for my comedy album, was the best performance. An overdubbed part is audible in places, destroying the professionalism of the project. The tape developed noise over time, but the recording is otherwise clean. The characters are neatly placed throughout the room where the play is set. You would hear a wide soundstage on a stereo system. 1978 recording. 5:41

The New Perverts

I wrote this after-dinner speech in 1974 and recorded it in 1978 for my comedy album. Some of the content is dated and requires exceptional recollection of the era. The context is the last phase of the sexual revolution, during which the media was obsessed with documenting and explaining non-mainstream sexual preferences. This piece spoofs the typical journalistic documentary approach. Some of the song titles mentioned satirize early hits of the disco era. The speech was clean enough to use on radio. 5:02

We're Washed Up, Jane! Up! Up! Up!

This was an article published in the New York Times by Dan Carlinsky. Featuring Veronica Hartman as Jane. 1974 recording. 5:05

Note: some of this material may contain excerpts of copyrighted material. If you believe your copyright is infringed, I will gladly remove any offending material. 



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