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Strategic oral and written communications: writing, technical writing, editing, public speaking, listening, interviewing, training, making presentations, reinforcing messages


Management: developing and implementing programs, creative problem solving, innovating, strategic planning and organizing, directing, hiring, supervising, budgeting


Interpersonal skills: making people laugh, building consensus, building professional relationships, collaborating as a team member


Analytical skills: researching and reporting, translating complex and technical material into lay language


Media production: desktop-publishing, Web publishing, photography, audio, and video


Marketing: marketing communications, promoting programs and events, providing customer service


Software: Word, Excel, Outlook, PageMaker, Photoshop, FrontPage, et al





Writer/Editor/Communications Consultant; self-employed


* Write, edit, and produce marketing materials for freelance clients. Add value to clients' communications through adept use of diction, syntax, context, and visual images.

* Manage projects and publications.

* Consult.

* Write Internet content, articles, marketing collateral, advertising copy, brochures, features, press releases, business plans, proposals, reports, and speeches.

-- Wrote hundreds of instructional articles about computers, consumer electronics, and do-it-yourself projects for (a New York Times affiliate), PC World, the original,,, and

-- Created successful corporate image campaign for independent food wholesaler.

-- Wrote, edited, designed, and desktop-published newsletters for a property management company.

-- Researched and wrote articles about new technologies for the Oregon AeA magazine.

-- Edited communications from the president and board of directors to members, and press releases for the Hazelnut Growers of Oregon.

-- Served as Senior Content Editor for Wrote buyers' guides, product profiles, technical articles, editorials, feature articles, glossary entries, and other Web content. Researched and analyzed competitors' Web strategies and content. Provided product training for creative staff.



Director of Communications and Marketing Services; School Bus Services, Gresham, OR

Copywriter (communications manager), Boyd Coffee Company; Portland, OR


* Managed and provided internal and external corporate communications.

* Wrote, designed, and published brochures, flyers, trade show materials, employment ads, and other marketing materials. Wrote press releases, scripts, and advertising copy.

* Wrote, edited, and desktop-published customer and employee periodicals, including weekly four- to eight-page newsletter. Coordinated with managers, conducted interviews and research. Created graphics and took pictures. Managed printing and distribution.

* Counseled and supported executives and employees with oral and written communications projects. 

-- Produced nine-part newsletter series covering espresso sales to high schools that led to additional sales and helped to strengthen Boyd's partnerships with profiled accounts.

-- Produced four-part newsletter series with field photographs detailing customers' marketing strategies to promote Boyd's coffee.

-- Edited, rewrote, and designed $500,000 proposal to automate Boyd's shipping and receiving warehouse. Management immediately approved proposal. Initiated crisis communications to inform and calm salespeople and maintain business during shipping delay caused by system implementation. Wrote cover article about new system and shot color photographs for national trade journal.

-- Created annual April Fools' newsletters that successfully increased interest, readership, loyalty, and employee morale.

-- Provided a division sales manager with information that helped him close a sale to Boyd's biggest new account in 1994.

-- Met every deadline.




B.A., The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA. Major area of study: communications arts




Vice-President of the Oregon/Columbia chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), 1997-2000. Member of President of the Northwest chapter of The Society for American Baseball Research, 2011-2012 (Vice-President, 2009-2010).